CloudFone Thrill 430x: Specifications and Price

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          Are you looking for a long lasting power smartphone? Well, problem no more because one of the cloudFone handset have the amazing battery performance. CloudFone Thrill 430x an Android phone is what you are looking for! It is superior and can beat down other latest smartphone in terms of battery life.

Cloudphone Thrill 430x Extreme Battery life    

          The CloudFone Thrill 430x is the latest Android phone that offers an unbeatable battery performance  experience. It comes with 4.3 inches screen resolution with 16 million color. It is powered by 1.2Ghz Dualcore Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8625 Processor and it runs Android V4.04 (ice cream sandwich). It offers 8 megapixel camera which is really amazing! Another freaking fact is its battery life that can last for about 20 days in standby mode! Yes this is for real! This phone is perfect for the heavy user of gaming, browsing and also it is good phone when traveling.

          Some user of cloudFone Thrill430x are saying that the phone is heavy, well, obviously the reason is it have a large battery. I'll rather choose a heavy or bulky phone than a phone which is slim but the battery is a big crap! I also noticed that black is the only available color which is another down side for me. Im just hoping that they could produce a white version because definitely I would get one!

          All in all, this phone is really amazing, I'm really excited to test and explore this phone. With the price of Php 7,800 y can now have a CloudFone thrill 430x. It is really cheap for its price but monster in its specs.

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