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Prexiso iC4: Turns your iPhone into laser measurement tool

Posted: 12 Nov 2012 03:01 AM PST

We know that there are all sorts of accessories available for iPhone, and today we have a special accessory that will turn your iPhone into a measuring tool.

This accessory comes from Swiss manufacturer of precision laser sights called Prexiso, and unlike their previous models, Prexiso iC4 is designed to work with iPhone. Prexiso iC4 connects to your iPhone via 30-pin connector and it requires AA batteries in order to work, so it won't drain your phone's battery. Prexiso iC4 uses a laser sight, and it can be used to measure distances and volumes with ease, and thanks to the dedicated iPhone app, measuring and viewing collected data is a breeze. This accessory has a lot to offer, however, only flaw is that it works only with 30-pin connector, so it's not compatible with latest iPhone.

Prexiso iC4 is an interesting accessory, and it will be perfect if you don't want to use old measuring tools. As for the price, it remains undisclosed.

[via Ubergizmo]

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