New Facebook Comment

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          After several changes on different features of Facebook,such as the Profile Page and Picture Displays, Facebook is now trying to make a simple changes on their new Facebook comment style.

New Facebook Comment
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          On the new Facebook comment, you can now be able to reply on the comment by another Facebook user. The most replies comments will be engaged at the top of the comment box. This new style of comment is suitable and perfect to the Facebook Fan Pages which gets a hundred and even thousand of comments in just single post of the fan page owner. I think that this idea was taken from the Youtube style of comment, in which the most like comment will  be put on the first page of the comment area.

          The new Facebook comment features,  the blue shaded part are the comment that has been reply to the original post, while the white shaded comments are are replied from the replies on the original post. What I like about the new Facebook comments is, it will be more organize and easier to view and read the conversation posted on the comment box.

          My verdict about this Facebook new idea of commenting  on Facebook will be successful because it is more easier to read the comments. It will not cause any intrigues unlike before (timeline issue), because of the useful quality. Facebook fans are hoping for more (not too much) improvement on Facebook for us to give support and continue using it. 

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