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The Latest from GadgetLite

Bandai SmartPet: Robotic virtual pet that docks your iPhone

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 02:31 AM PDT

We have covered all sorts of robots in the past, and today we have a special robot for you, that uses your iPhone as its brain, so let's have a closer look at it, shall we?

This robot comes from Bandai, and it is called the SmartPet, and unlike other robots, SmartPet docks your iPhone or iPod Touch and uses it as its brain. In order to use SmartPet as your virtual pet dog, you need to download special SmartPet iOS app, dock your iOS device, and you're good to go. As for your virtual pet, it can display cartoon emotions, and it can even move its body, and you can control it by performing gestures on the screen, or by using your voice.

Bandai  SmartPet is unique smart robot that doubles as a virtual pet, and as for the availability, Bandai should release SmartPet virtual pet on April 28th in Japan.

[via Technabob]


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Sonicwalk Wearable Sound System: First set of speakers that you can wear

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 01:50 AM PDT

We have seen all sorts speakers on the market, and if you're looking for an unusual set of speakers, today we have one of the first speakers that you can actually wear.

Sonicwalk Wearable Sound System is probably the first set of speakers built into the straps, so you can wear it with you at all times. In order to use it, you just need to connect your MP3 player with it, and luckily for you, Sonicwalk Wearable Sound System is compatible with almost any MP3 player. Sonicwalk Wearable Sound System rechargers via USB port, and it can last up to approximately 10 hours on a single charge. In addition, there's a battery-powered LED strip for improved visibility.

Sonicwalk Wearable Sound System is one of a kind speaker system, and if you're not fan of headphones, Sonicwalk Wearable Sound System will be perfect if you're active and always on the go. As for the price, this speaker system is priced at £89.99 ($142).

[via TechFresh, Firebox]


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Sansa USB Reader lets you connect USB devices to your Android smartphone

Posted: 10 Apr 2012 11:12 AM PDT

Transferring your files from your USB flash drive to your Android phone can be sometimes a hard process, especially because you need to transfer those files to your computer and then to your Android smartphone, but luckily, today we have a device that might help you with that.

Sansa USB Reader is a little device that connects to your Android phone via micro USB port and it allows you to connect any USB device directly to your Android smartphone. In addition to USB port, Sansa USB Reader also works as a memory card reader, so you'll be able to insert all sorts of memory cards as well. With Sansa USB Reader you'll be able to connect your digital camera, external USB keyboard, or any other USB flash drive and transfer your files quickly, without using your computer.

Sansa USB Reader is rather useful, but currently it only works with Samsung Galaxy S2, Sony Xperia NX SO-02D, Sony Xperia arco HD IS12S, Toshiba REGZA Phone T-01D, and Sony S-series Tablet. Regarding the price, this device is priced at 3,280 yen ($40).

[via Ubergizmo]


This article is brought to you by GadgetLite - Latest gadgets and technology news

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