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NES coffee table doubles as NES controller

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 12:37 PM PDT

A while ago we covered DIY NES controller coffee table, and today we have something similar for fans of the NES.

Today we have another NES controller coffee table, and you can use it to serve coffee on it, or you can use it to play retro NES games with it, but due to its size, we don't know how efficient would that be. This NES coffee table is made from several types of wood such as mahogany, maple and walnut wood in order to achieve variety of colors of the coffee table. NES controller coffee table looks impressive, and it will surely be a great addition to your living room, especially if you're the owner of NES.

NES controller coffee table is an unique coffee table that doubles as a NES controller, but such geeky piece of furniture doesn't come cheap. As for the price, this coffee table is currently priced at whooping $3,500.

[via Ubergizmo]

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