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Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell Wireless Music Doorbell replaces your boring doorbell sound with your favorite MP3 music

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 03:54 AM PDT

You are probably tired for that old doorbell sound, and if you want to change the way how your doorbell sounds, today we have the perfect device for you.

Standard ding-dong sound of your doorbell might get boring after a while, but luckily for you Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell Wireless Music Doorbell can change that, because this MP3 doorbell stores your favorite music and plays it each time when doorbell is pressed. As for the Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell Wireless Music Doorbell, it is comprised of two parts – a speaker unit that you mount in your room, and a doorbell button that you mount outside. This MP3 doorbell uses SD card to store music, and it supports up to 32GB SD cards, and thanks to the built-in control, you can even use speaker unit as a portable MP3 player. Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell Wireless Music Doorbell units are powered by AAA batteries, and both have range of up to up to 330ft/100m.

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell Wireless Music Doorbell also comes with MP3 editing software and USB cable for file transfer, and this wireless doorbell is priced at $49.99.

[via iTech News]

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Sphero Robotic Ball is controlled remotely via iOS or Android device

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 02:22 AM PDT

We have seen all sorts of robots in the past, but today we have something that you haven't seen before – a robotic ball that is controlled remotely via smartphone or tablet.

This robotic ball is called Sphero and it can be controlled remotely using iOS or Android device via Bluetooth connection. Sphero is big as baseball, and you can easily put in your pocket or jacket due to its small size, and it is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate shell, so you won't damage it if you're using it on a rough outdoor surface. In addition, Sphero comes with customizable color LEDs, so it can glow in several different colors in the dark, and it is recharged with an induction charger, however, we don't know how long can Sphero last on a single charge.

Sphero is an interesting robotic ball, and in order to use it, you'll need a iOS or Android device and one of several free apps for it. Sphero is currently priced at $129.99.

[via TechFresh]


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Zento door handle lights your way in the dark

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 01:41 AM PDT

During the disasters such as earthquakes, floods or fires, it is crucial to find the closest exit, however, due to the lack of electric power, that's not always an easy task, but luckily, today we have a device that might change that.

Two designers, Giangi Razeto and Massimo Pinto, have managed to create a special door handle called Zento door handle that will navigate you through darkness during the disasters or blackouts. Zento door handle is designed to have its own independent wireless power system that should keep the internal lamp powered at all times and guide you to the exit during blackouts or natural disasters. In addition, we might be able to use Zento door handle as a lock indicator or to display what is located behind the door.

Zento door handle can be rather useful especially during the natural disasters where finding the closest exit is crucial. Sadly, Zento door handle is just a concept, but we might see it someday in the future.

[via Ubergizmo]

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