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The Latest from GadgetLite

UPcload makes shopping for clothes online easier

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 04:52 AM PST

Shopping from your home is perfect, especially if you want to avoid long lines at the stores, but there are items, such as clothes, that you can't purchase online due to fact that not all items have standard size, but luckily for you, there's a new service that could help you out.
UPcload is a new system that can make shopping for clothes online a lot simpler, simply by determining your body measurements. Unlike other similar services that require you to actually visit a store, UPcload works from the comfort of your home, and only thing that you need is an internet connection, webcam and a CD. In order to use UPcload, you just have to stand in front of the webcam and hold the CD in front of you, and that's it. UPcload simply compares your body with the CD, and after saving your measurement profile online, you can purchase clothes from shops that have partnered with UPcload.

UPcload  is being tested with The North Face, and if everything goes well, we should see more stores supporting UPcload in the future.

[via Ubergizmo]

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Brando EZSAVE Lockdown: USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive keeps your files under the lock

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 03:27 AM PST

Portable hard drives are probably the best solution when it comes to transferring or backing up your files, and if you're looking for a portable hard drive that will keep your files safe from others, you might be interested in today's model.

This portable hard drive comes from Brando and it is called EZSAVE Lockdown USB 3.0 2.5-inch HDD Enclosure. One of the features that this hard drive has to offer is AES 256-bit encryption algorithm for your important files. However, if you need more security, you can even create a 4-digit or 8-digit password to increase your security. As for other features, EZSAVE Lockdown uses Super-Speed USB 3.0 interface, but it is also compatible with USB 2.0. This drive measures 77mm x 134mm x 14mm, and it weighs 92 grams, so it is secure and compact at the same time.

EZSAVE Lockdown is perfect portable hard drive if you want to keep your files secure, and regarding the price, this hard drive is priced at $85.

[via Techfresh]


This article is brought to you by GadgetLite - Latest gadgets and technology news

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