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The Latest from GadgetLite

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control turns your Android device into a remote controller

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 02:28 AM PST

Using a single device as a universal controller is great, especially if you have tools such as VooMote One that can turn your iOS device into universal remote controller. On the other hand, Android users didn't have the ability to turn their devices into remote controllers, until now.

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control is designed for Android users, and it is comprised of a hardware device and special software for your Android device. The hardware device connects to your tablet or smartphone using Bluetooth, and converts and transfers your input to your home theatre. As for the compatibility, this app is compatible with 200 000 devices, so there's a good chance that your device will work with Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control.

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control is great if you want to use your Android tablet or smartphone as a universal remote controller, and as for the price, Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control is priced at $69.99, and it is available for order from Griffin's website.

[via Ubergizmo]


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Moto Undone: Minimalist, eco-friendly, invisible motorcycle

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 01:34 AM PST

We've seen all sorts of unusual vehicles over the years, but we have never seen something like this before. Today we have a special type of motorbike, and what makes this bike different from the others is its unusual looks.

Moto Undone is a motorcycle designed by Joey Ruiter, and unlike other motorcycles that we see every day, Moto Undone has no fancy paint, overpowered motors, and instead, this motorbike can turn "invisible". Due to its minimalistic design and reflective sheets of metal that cover the shell of Moto Undone, it might appear that the driver is riding on an invisible bike. As for technical specs, Moto Undone is powered by 1000W 48V electric hub motor, and its motor can keep this bike powered for 90 miles or about 3 hours.

Moto Undone looks bit uncomfortable, but on the other hand, that doesn't really matter as long as you can drive the "invisible" bike, right? Sadly, Moto Undone isn't available for purchase.

[via OhGizmo]


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Latest technology used to power world’s first eye-controlled arcade game – Eye Asteroids

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 02:04 PM PST

Developed by Tobii, a company that develops eye-tracking technology – Eye Asteroids is the world’s first eye-controlled arcade game. Debuting at New York’s Dave & Buster’s arcade this week, as you will see in the video below, the game has just one button, and you only press it once to start.

Once you do, the game uses a strip of infrared sensors below the screen to scan your eyes and calibrate the system. The Earth stands in the middle of the screen, all you have to do is look at an incoming asteroid, pause slightly to shoot and move on to the next target. You can watch the video of it in action below, Eye Asteroid is truly a way of playing a retro game in a brand new techy way. Unfortunately not many will have the chance to try out the new arcade as each machine costs a reported whooping $15,000, and they will only be made in a very limited quantity of just 50!

[via Tobii]

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