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Rotundus GroundBot – self-balancing mobile surveilance bot that’s meant to be reliable

Posted: 12 Nov 2011 10:21 AM PST

A Swedish company called Rotundus has developed this latest technology ‘GroundBot’ which main job is to act as a surveilance security robot. The GroundBot weighs just 25kg and is a fully sealed sphere boasting impressive off-road performance, cameras and sensors.


Unlike other high tech robots, this one is meant to be more reliable as Rotundus claims the GroundBot won’t get stuck in sand, mud or snow. It also moves virtually silently at around up to 6 miles per hour (or 10 km/h), and can be remote-controlled or preprogrammed to navigate via GPS.


Check out the GroundBot in action below…

[via Rotundus]

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