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Latest Kinect hack lets you check your bank account with gestures

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 04:02 AM PDT

You probably know that Kinect can do all sorts of things, and with the release of Kinect software developer kit to the public, we were sure that we would see some interesting solutions, and now we have one of those solutions that lets us check our bank account with Kinect.
Lithuanian software developer Etronika has developed a new Kinect-based, motion-activated user interface for banking purposes. For the first time in order to navigate through your bank account you'll just have to swing your hands, and in order to view more information you just have to clap your hands and that's it. Of course, Etronika wants to take the limits even further and they plan to implant voice control along with facial recognition in the future.

With this hack, checking your bank account is fun and innovative, but you should know that although this new interface is fun, it's not as fast as the standard interface that includes both mouse and keyboard.

[via Wired]


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Nimbuzz lets you perform iPhone to PC calls

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 02:58 AM PDT

FaceTime is quite the hit on iOS devices, because it allows you to perform free video calls to iOS devices and to Max OS X. However, only problem with FaceTime is that you cannot use it with your PC, but luckily, there's an alternative for FaceTime called Nimbuzz.

Nimbuzz is designed for iOS devices and Windows computers, and with Nimbuzz you'll be able to perform video calls from iOS device to iOS device, iOS to PC, and PC to iOS over 3G and WiFi. In addition to regular video calls, you'll be able to perform video calls without audio, so users will be able to see each other even on the networks that have restricted VoIP services.

Nimbuzz is a good alternative to FaceTime, and according to the developer, Nimbuzz is coming to Android and Symbian platforms in the future, but currently, you can download Nimbuzz from App Store or from Nimbuzz website.

[via Ubergizmo]


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Microsoft has two Xbox 360 bundles ready for the holiday season

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 02:12 AM PDT

Microsoft will again have multiple holiday bundles with their Xbox 360 for sale. The bundles are both trying to target to different age groups and audiences. One bundle includes a Kinect system, which will target younger kids and the second bundle will have “M” rated games for the older gamers.

Lets talk about what you get in the bundle, as the picture shows above the first bundle will have a Kinect sensor with a 250GB Hard Drive in Xbox 360 itself. It’ll also come with two games: “Kinect Adventures”, and “Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do”. The first bundle with the Kinect will sell retail for $399.99. The second bundle includes the 250GB Xbox 360 and two games: “Halo Reach (download)” and “Fable 3″. It’ll sell for $299.99 retail. Both of these bundles come with a three month subscription to Xbox Live where you can get movies, trailers, games,  demos and more.

[via JoyStiq]

This article is brought to you by GadgetLite - Latest gadgets and technology news

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