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motorola xoom android tablet, picMotorola was realese a tablet with android platform. Motorola Xoom Motorola relationship with Google (and aid of the 3.0 version of its mobile operating logic, Honeycomb), has made with the intention of assumed predictability a very serious actuality. There can be little question with the intention of the Xoom is certainly a contender pro the hearts and minds of the makings tablet buyers in the promote. Besides bluster with the intention of like extra software (a completely redesigned experience masterminded by the man behind webOS, Matias Duarte), the Xoom is equipped with amazing hardware. The 1GHz, NVIDIA Tegra 2-based slate boasts a substantial 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 32GB of domestic storage space, a 10.1-inch, 1280 x 800 capacitive spectacle, 3G connectivity (Verizon on our assess unit), along with front and rear facing cameras, HD record capability, and lots of wireless options. Not single is the Xoom visibly competitive (and frankly, more stacked) than generally of its competition, Motorola has attempted to futureproof the device by offering a emancipated hardware upgrade down the road which will produce the tablet access to Big Red's 4G LTE arrangement. Of way, all this power comes with a cost... Factually. With a catalog fee rancid contract of $799, the Xoom is quite a high-priced cut of equipment to own. Still, with all that's packed inside -- and more importantly with could you repeat that? Google has made on the software feature -- the Xoom may possibly speak for the then stage of tablet evolution. Is it calculate to take the plunge?


The Xoom is a handsomely built tablet, though by a glance, you'll think you've seen this previous to. Maybe it's with the intention of little can be made surrounded by the constraints of the tablet form thing (or Motorola isn't really trying), but the all-purpose affect and build of the Xoom comes rancid looking solely a teensy morsel like the iPad's longer, more treacherous cousin. The back and sides of the device are a akin, machined metal (though Verizon's version is painted a not glossy black, which is a real fingerprint magnet), the corners are similarly curved, and the front is, of way, all screen. That's not to say the Xoom isn't skilled looking -- it is -- but here isn't much first vacant on with the all-purpose manufacturing design that's by mess about at this time. And that's sanction by us.

At 9.8 inches large by 6.6 inches tall (with a thickness of a semi inch), the device isn't massive (albeit a little unwieldy as held in portrait), and its 1.5 beat consequence gives it heft lacking butchery your arms -- though it still strains your muscles a morsel if you're holding the tablet up pro an extended cycle of calculate.

The Xoom is visibly predestined to be used in landscape mode more than likeness (though it can be rotated one way you prefer). If you're holding the tablet in with the intention of orientation, you'll discover the front facing camera sitting dead-center linking the Motorola and Verizon logos along the top of the schooner spectacle. On the missing feature of the device, here are two volume buttons; along the top is a slot pro a prospect LTE SIM and microSD license (more on with the intention of in a moment); on the underside you'll discover a Micro USB and mini HDMI jack, along with reduce sensors. Around the back of the device, Motorola has improbably chosen to place the power / take a nap button then to the camera lens and sparkle -- and persons components are flanked by stereo speakers. We had a ration of issues with both the volume buttons and power button on the device; we found the volume keys trying to discover and aid as they're exceptionally shallow and placed aptly then to a notch in the casing of the device. The power button was even worse; we didn't mind the placement so much, but like the volume buttons the single, small group is exceptionally shallow -- and worse, it got wedged a digit of era as we were using it! Instead of waking the device up or putting it to take a nap, we were prompted to push to down the Xoom. Hopefully this is solely a random come forth with our element, but it didn't produce us lukewarm and fuzzy feelings in this area the build quality.

Internals / spectacle / sound quality / battery life

Equally we understood in the intro, the guts of the Xoom are more than competitive -- and performance on the device was really quite vigorous. We did experience approximately slowdown as transferring records from our notebook or jumping quickly linking lots of apps, but we were blown away by the forcefulness and alacrity of applications like the browser and approximately of the built-in games. The all-purpose openness of the UI and upset result was inline with the preeminent the iPad exhibits. Besides with the intention of Tegra 2 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 32GB of domestic storage space, the device is equipped with WiFi 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz and 5GHz), Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Verizon's EV-DO Rev. A, along with GPS, a light sensor, and an accelerometer. Equally we understood in the intro, the device can be upgraded to aid Verizon's LTE arrangement. That upgrade will occur in the form of a hardware swap which either Verizon or Motorola will be inflicted with to sort out, importance your tablet will energy into the supermarket by approximately top (at smallest amount, that's could you repeat that? Motorola reps told us). Strangely, there's a microSD slot bestow on the device, but it's non-functioning by this top. When we pushed Motorola, the company made it sound like it was waiting on a software bring up to date from Google to enable the slot. Very extraordinary stuff. What with the intention of earnings pro aptly currently is with the intention of you can approve of a 32GB tablet... And that's it.

The spectacle on the Xoom is vaguely better than the iPad's 9.7-inch screen, and privileged pledge (1280 x 800 to Apple's 1024 x 768). The aspect ratio is substantially uncommon as well, importance with the intention of the Xoom feels a ration longer (or taller) than the iPad. Inside all-purpose, we felt likeness aid was vaguely uncomfortable agreed the size, but not in one way a dealbreaker. Though the screen does look kind, pixel density seemed to suffer -- a circumstances with the intention of was particularly evident as using the Google Books attention. Still, the Xoom's spectacle is more than competent by making game and record content look apparent and bracing. One annotation, however -- Motorola's auto-brightness controls seem a little extreme to us at this time, forcing us to manually adjust the brightness generally of the calculate. Hopefully a software bring up to date will occur along which softens the severity with which it dims the screen; it was simply too dark pro our tastes.

On the sound feature of things, the Xoom may possibly yield practically apparent audio by a mid-level volume, but cranking the tablet up produced approximately pretty nasty distortion on basic sounds, like the email notifications. We had to reduce the volume a digit of era as we felt with the intention of the levels were in fact responsibility destruction to the speakers; we're all pro loud, but it seems like Motorola (typically very solid in the audio department) might be inflicted with bitten rancid more than it may possibly chew at this time.

Battery life on the Xoom was exceptional. Beyond exceptional, in fact -- approximately of the preeminent performance we've seen on a slate. Running a record on disk with the screen fit by 65 percent brightness, we were able to make playback pro near eight and a semi hours (8:20 to be exact). Motorola claims up to ten, so we weren't far rancid the mark by all. We had a hardly any background tasks vacant on, and both WiFi and 3G radios were committed. We may possibly straightforwardly think it over maximizing this if you're in airplane mode with a vaguely decrease brightness setting.

Battery Life
Motorola Xoom 8:20
Dell Streak 7 3:26
Archos 101 7:20
Samsung Galaxy Tab 6:09
Apple iPad 9:33


There's thumbs down question with the intention of it's kind to be inflicted with a 5 megapixel camera and LED sparkle on the back of the Xoom, but we found little helpfulness in in fact having a decent shooter on a device of this size. It's tricky to imagine a scenario everywhere you're using the Xoom as your foremost camera. Besides looking ludicrous, it's not all with the intention of well-located to soubriquet something this generous as you're tiresome to snap away. Another come forth is the sheer glare of the screen -- shooting in daylight proved to be a challenge, and now and again we couldn't even think it over the spectacle well sufficient to snap a photo.

That understood, the rear camera produced relatively skilled looking photos -- in this area the quality we've been considering with the company's Atrix 4G -- though the interface in Honeycomb is in this area a million era better looking and more pleasant to aid. Again, it is somewhat trying to call something of this size and take really steady shots, so we found the aid of the Xoom as a camera almost completely impractical in generally situations.

Video twisted made known well, and it's kind to be able to spurt 720p with a spectacle of this size, though we did experience a hardly any instances everywhere the recording record stuttered or stopped completely -- and persons defects were bestow all through playback. The built-in Movie Studio software allows you to positively straightforwardly edit your creations -- though it's by thumbs down earnings exact -- but it was skilled of Google to include the package with this device (more on with the intention of in the software section).

Equally far as the front-facing camera goes, you must expect pretty standard stuff. We doubt you'll be using this pro create shoots, but pro hairstyling and record chats, it does the trick. Just the detail with the intention of it's here is pretty cool, really.

Software in Motorola xoom android

While the hardware of the Xoom is notable, it's not the real story. The real story is all in this area Android, and the then stage of its evolution -- namely Honeycomb. Version 3.0 of the mobile operating logic represents a noteworthy exchange pro solely in this area each aspect of the user interface, and approximately notable alterations under the go up as well. Equally we've extensively covered, UI wunderkind Matias Duarte missing Palm to bring about pro Google a reduced amount of than semi a time past, and seems to be inflicted with at once dived into the bring about with the intention of he does preeminent -- reinventing user interfaces and user interaction pro mobile diplomacy.

The Honeycomb look and feel certainly has the bring about of a single mind on paper all ended it -- while we know this is very much a team effort (something we discussed with Matias in our interview by CES), it's furthermore apparent with the intention of someone is steering the craft with far more resolve than always previous to witnessed in this OS. From a purely visual standpoint, Android 3.0 comes collectively in a far more organized style than one before iteration of the software, and the changes aren't solely cosmetic. Much of the obscurity in the OS and arcane functions of this software be inflicted with been jettisoned or drastically altered, making pro an experience with the intention of is far more obvious to a novice user... Though we wouldn't exactly explain it as unadorned.

From a visual standpoint, we may possibly generally straightforwardly explain with the intention of Android 3.0 looks very much like the planet of Tron. Think soft focus neon and cold, tricky digital angles. A homescreen which phases linking panels with a blue, ghosting glow with the intention of represents your continue and then leaf. When you place items on the homescreens, you think it over a distant patchwork of grid inscription, and a vector outline of everywhere your icon or widget will eventually ground. Even in the app catalog, you think it over thrilling blue representations of your icons previous to the icons themselves. The effect is gaunt, but the feel is still very creature -- like a thwart linking the "chromeless" background of Windows Phone 7, and the photorealism of webOS or iOS. It unquestionably facility. From the overall look and feel down to the method in which you make widgets on your pages or exchange the wallpaper, everything is extra at this time.

Unlike Apple and it's single-minded iOS, however, Android is still to the top with variables and choices which get on to all-purpose navigation a learning process, and even though Honeycomb has made enormous inroads to making with the intention of process simpler, it's not 100 percent here. The all-purpose vibe of Android is still bestow at this time -- you be inflicted with a run of homescreens which are scrollable, and can be loaded up with a variety of attention shortcuts, folders, shortcuts, and widgets. Unlike generally mobile OSs, Honeycomb seats the status slab along the underside of the device, and at that time fills the missing feature of with the intention of slab with the constant pieces of navigation you'll aid to make around the OS.

Yes, dead are the hardware buttons of yesteryear -- 3.0 replaces the familiar family and back buttons with virtual incarnations, at that time adds a link of superfluous pieces pro skilled rate. Along with persons two foremost buttons, Honeycomb introduces a multitasking icon which pops commence a catalog of recently used apps along with a snapshot of their saved state. The back button is furthermore a little more dynamic in 3.0, shifting linking a straightforward back answer, and a keyboard-hider as de rigueur. If your app utilizes the menu answer on Android phones, you make an icon pro with the intention of as well. The family button will take you back to your foremost views, but it can't make you to your apps. Instead, Honeycomb introduces a extra (and somewhat confusing) button -- an "apps" icon which lives in the high aptly furnish corner of your device. You might think with the intention of comes in handy, but you can single access your app pages from the homescreen of the tablet, importance with the intention of you be inflicted with to aid a two step process to make to your app catalog. We're not perfectly apparent on why this isn't a further button with the intention of lives along the underside of the device with the surplus of the navigation, and frankly it proved confusing as we were tiresome to make around the Xoom quickly.

On the aptly feature of with the intention of status slab are your battery and calculate indicators, along with a pop-up area pro notifications. The total organize of the status slab feels improbably like Windows. When you make a extra email or Twitter bring up, you're alerted in with the intention of righthand corner with an almost Growl-like box, which fades away quickly. When you tap on with the intention of interval, you're agreed a calculate and battery window everywhere you're furthermore able to deal with notifications (though strangely there's thumbs down option to apparent all notifications). A settings button bestow here will furthermore allow you to exchange your brightness and wireless settings, orientation lock, or bound to the satiated settings of the device. Inside all, it's a tremendously well-located cut of this extra OS, but not a extra OS trick by one earnings. The desktop feels alive and well in Honeycomb.

Inside applications like the browser -- which is currently far more like a desktop version of Chrome (with proper tabs and all) -- you furthermore make the significance with the intention of Google is taking a ration of cues from familiar seats. Besides solely offering larger views and more real estate, here are decline down menus (located in the upper-right furnish corner) and far more of the navigational items exposed. Inside detail, in all of the extra native applications, here is thumbs down menu button bestow. All of the answer elements of navigation are front and focal point, ordinarily along the top of the app's spectacle, which must get on to pro an easier calculate as it comes to getting things made, but can create confusing situations. For occasion, in Gmail, your items in the high aptly of the app exchange based on the context; that's skilled pro administration messages in lone check over, but creates approximately head-scratching moments in others. Worse, the back button (which you aid frequently) is in the exact opposite corner, importance with the intention of your gawk is constantly shifting linking two seats on the tablet -- two seats with the intention of are furthest apart. The experience encourages a ration of eye-darting, which makes quickly administration tasks somewhat of a chore. We fancy with the intention of Google had in some way combined the app navigation and tablet navigation into a more meticulously correlated interval, so with the intention of as a replacement for of jumping from corner to corner, you were able to focusing on lone place pro surgical procedure of the app, and a further pro its content. We found ourselves having this same experience all ended the Xoom.

On the plus feature (and it is a lofty plus), the Xoom feels much more like a real netbook or laptop replacement. Being able to multitask in the style Google has devised, having by the book running background tasks, and real, modest notifications feels really, really skilled in the tablet form thing. Additionally, the detail with the intention of Google has built-in committed widgets with the intention of plug aptly into things like Gmail makes monitoring and dealing with bring about (or play) much more fluid than on the iPad.

One other lofty annotation: A ration of the extra software feels like it isn't quite made known of beta (surprise surprise). We had our rational share of force closes and bizarre freezes, particularly in the Market app and Movie Studio. Most applications were fine, but here beyond doubt approximately moments everywhere we felt like the total device was teetering on the verge of a whole crash.

That understood, here are approximately noteworthy changes to have a supply of applications and extra additions to the family tree with the intention of we planning were worth a vaguely deeper look, so here's a breakdown of could you repeat that? You can expect -- both old and extra -- as you commence the Xoom box.


We loved the browsing experience on the Xoom. The built-in app is (as we said) far more like a desktop version of Chrome, and if you're already using the software on your laptop or desktop, you'll feel aptly by family. Pages displayed quickly and cleanly on the tablet, though we be inflicted with to admit with the intention of we're more than a little miffed with the intention of Flash support isn't bestow made known of the box with the Xoom. Strange taking into account this is lone of the real advantages Android diplomacy be inflicted with ended Apple's offerings.

Despite our enjoyment, here were approximately exasperating issues, like the detail with the intention of the browser still identifies as an Android phone, importance generally sites with a mobile check over aim up on your lofty, beautiful browser tab. Given how close this version is to the real Chrome, we're surprised Google wasn't a little more upbeat in this area this.

Gmail in motorola xoom android

Gmail has been completely redesigned pro Honeycomb, and it's a lofty upgrade. We'd love to say with the intention of it's all rainbows and butterflies, but here are approximately harassing problems with the intention of occur along with the changes, and we're in suspense Google will clean it up a morsel tender forwards. The attention seems to commonly suffer from UI overload; here be inflicted with permanently been a ration of hidden facial appearance in Gmail pro Android, and currently with the intention of persons hidden elements are brought to the go up, it creates a feeling with the intention of you're by no means in a single place. Equally with other parts of the OS, we found ourselves jumping to and fro tiresome to locate UI elements and make bring about made. Adding confusion to this extra describe is the detail with the intention of menus currently exchange contextually based on could you repeat that? You've selected, which earnings with the intention of not single are you dealing with scattered navigational items, but persons items can exchange on the take wing while you're working.

Music in Motorola xoom

It's in this area calculate... Isn't it? The composition app in Honeycomb has been completely, as luck would have it rethought, and it is stunning. Equally you can think it over in the higher than photo, dead is the crude and plain Android player. It's currently been replaced with a dimensional, 3D interface with the intention of isn't solely skilled looking, it's in fact helpful. There are 2D views as you bound into albums and playlists, but the flipbook navigation is in fact not bad pro result your composition. Unfortunately, the Xoom seemed to be inflicted with vex recognizing all of our baby book art, and here were approximately issues with baby book art doubling up (our Engadget podcast logo seemed to make glued to a further album). Minor issues aside, we're impressed with the bring about Google has made at this time.


Like the Music app, YouTube has gotten a revamp at this time. Keeping in line with the 3D feel of the Honeycomb interface, you're presented with a wall of videos which you can pan through -- kind of like your own wall of TVs (if box had nothing but clips of public dancing and / or injuring themselves). If you've permanently wanted to feel like Ozymandias from the final pages of Watchmen, here's your opportunity.

Playing videos was pretty much a standard YouTube experience... Which unfortunately these days seems to mean watching pro stuff to memory. A ration.

Google Talk

We love the version of Google Talk bestow in Honeycomb. Not single does it provide apparent, seamless integration with accounts you already aid, but the way it utilizes both voice and record conversations is terrific.

The app itself is positively straightforward, but it did take a little morsel of head scratching previous to we figured made known exactly how to move linking voice, chat, and record. Our callers on the other aim of the line understood record quality was a morsel on the low res feature (see the photo higher than -- Xoom up top, MacBook Pro camera in the corner) even on WiFi. We're not guaranteed why with the intention of would be the justification, but with a bit of luck it can be vacant up with approximately software tuning.

Overall, however, the extra Google Talk facility in exact harmony with the Xoom.

Movie Studio

We had distinguished hopes pro Movie Studio -- a competitor to Apple's iOS version of iMovie. While the software is quite powerful, our experience with it was a reduced amount of than thrilling. Besides being commonly sluggish, clip control is kind of an dull-witted matter. We were able to make approximately bring about made with it, but it doesn't seem to be near as straightforward as it must. Other than some time ago while using the app, we found ourselves waiting around pro clips to redraw or playback record with the intention of seemed to stall made known. We're not adage here aren't uses pro the software, but it feels like it needs a revision or two previous to it's equipped pro prime calculate. And that's too bad... Since the Xoom is in promote aptly currently.

Other apps in motorola xoom android

There were a handful of applications with the intention of we had a opportunity to mess about around with which trade show rancid the Xoom (and Honeycomb's) capabilities. Google Body (an interactive, 3D body simulator), Pulse (a news booklover, which you must know from its iOS incarnation), and games like Cordy all trade show with the intention of the Xoom and its OS are more than powerful sufficient to influence rancid iPad like experiences. Unfortunately, here solely aren't many of persons experiences unfilled to users aptly currently, and it doesn't seem like Google has gotten a lofty headstart on getting tablet titles into the Android Market.

There is a ton of look good on the software feature pro drug running Honeycomb agreed the extra access to 3D tools and logic tuning with the intention of Android allows, but aptly currently it's a small island in a sea of phone titles -- and the majority of persons titles sort out not look aptly on a 10.1-inch screen by this pledge.

Pricing and data

Oh, the Xoom pricing. It guaranteed hasn't been much of a secret (we had ended five pricing leak posts!), but it certainty has been the crucial top of the extra tablet's lobby into the promote. So, could you repeat that? Will this business cost you? Motorola has fit the fee of the 32GB, 3G version by $800. Now, with the intention of is unsubsidized, however, Verizon is requiring customers shell out pro lone month of service -- $20 pro 1GB of data -- to basically unlock the device. It doesn't seem very rational, but such is life.

Update: Verizon's been in upset to say with the intention of customers who hold the off-contract Xoom will thumbs down longer need to be on a month to month preparation. That understood, we still think it over "Month to Month" as a unavoidable option by the calculate of updating this placement.

The other option by the second is to approve of the same Xoom on-contract from Verizon pro $600. That does shave rancid $200, but you're not exactly saving money, taking into account you're locking physically into paying $20 a month pro the then two years, which comes made known to $1,080. Also, don't not remember the Xoom is upgradable to LTE. However, the carrier is still keeping calm down on pricing pro the 4G service.

Is with the intention of a ration of money pro a tablet? Sure it is, and if you opt pro the $800 unsubsidized version it comes made known to $71 more than Apple's comparable iPad -- the 32GB / 3G iPad rings up by $729. Unfortunately, by this top we don't be inflicted with one real details on as the WiFi single version will be hitting, but Motorola's chief executive has understood with the intention of it will be furthermore priced by $600. Again, that's in line with the $599 32GB / WiFi iPad.


Despite the drawbacks with the intention of we've outlined in this assess, here is in fact a ration in this area the Xoom to like. Besides bluster could you repeat that? We consider to be the generally complete and visibly functioning version of Android, the hardware which is packed inside Motorola's tablet is really quite skilled. The tablet is fast and shiny, and while not exactly being really futureproof, the detail with the intention of you've got a path to a 4G upgrade is tremendous (and frankly, something thumbs down lone moreover in the industry is offering).

The conundrum with the Xoom isn't really in this area the basic of the experience or the basic of the hardware - it's in this area the details. Too much in both the design (like persons wonky buttons) or the software (like the feeling with the intention of this is all very much in beta) makes you wonder if this wasn't rushed made known to promote in order to beat the then wave from Apple. Regardless, here isn't much at this time pro consumers aptly currently. The Android Market is almost devoid of tablet applications, the OS feels buggy and unfinished, and the hardware has bind points with the intention of we discover disconcerting. And that's to say nothing of the pricing and carrier commitments being asked of first-time buyers.

Real the motorola Xoom a true competitor to the iPad or ipad2? Absolutely. Inside detail, it outclasses the iPad in many ways. Still, the aim user experience isn't near everywhere it needs to be, and until Google paints its tablet strategy and software picture more visibly, we'd recommend a wait-and-see deal with. Honeycomb and the Xoom are spectacular unfortunately they're a spectacular bring about in progress. more view for motorola xoom verizon wireless :

Motorola XOOM Android Tablet (Verizon Wireless) Review

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